Past Winners

2022 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

Lili Ip Kwok Sheung

“We design Montessori-inspired activity books… for babies, toddlers, and young kids that we make, market, and locally distribute under our registered brand ‘Timimi’.

Our books are made using a hand-driven process and are a screen-free alternative to help babies, toddlers, and young kids nurture and foster early learning & development; including fine motor & cognitive skills, speech & language, touch & discovery, encourage creative thinking & imagination, all while having fun…”

2021 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

Manish neermul

2021 JCI Mauritius CYEA has provided my business with great marketing opportunities. I have been enriched by the experiences and the visibility I obtained as a young entrepreneur.


2018 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

Diane Nuteau

Diane Nuteau Communications Specialist provides integrated growth strategies & communications services for Start-ups and SMEs principally in the form of interactive brainstorming sessions.

2017 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

Elizabeth De Mar, Chelin-Chabert

In Situ ‘Visual Merchandising Company Ltd is a Mauritius-based visual merchandiser.
• Resource. and creative ways to build a brand
• Innovative with a tailor-made approach
• Our creativity meets commercial savvy to improve sales
• Create a perfect setting in which to show off different products
• Create a platform to reach the largest possible audience — From design to delivery

Provide services like
• Visual Merchandising – The art of showcasing your products
• Pop-up shops – A different way to build brand visibility
• Events – Create extraordinary gatherings.

2015 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

Ashley Boodhoo

Enerxis Solutions was founded in September 2012. It provides services and products in the field of renewable energy.

The positive impact of JCI Mauritius CYEA 2015:
• Recognition and exposure as an entrepreneur promoting sustainable development
• Proof of integrity and professionalism vis-a-vis the clients of his own company.
• A motivation to accomplish more

2014 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

Khemraj Persand

Executive Director at Persand Royal Co Ltd for the past, entrepreneur. This award has been of tremendous for 18 years and specialized in Oyster farming “JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur Award 2014 has been to turning point in my journey as a small support for my oyster new solutions to farming for sustainable growth.”

Has been awarded:
1. First Prize-2014 JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur Award
2. Winner of Young Entrepreneur Award 2013, organised by BAI Investment Group.

2013 JCI Mauritius CYEA Winner

fabien Halbwachs

Bite Me Co. Ltd is operating since 2013 in Curepipe. Starting as a small kitchen making healthy products, Fabien Halbwachs realized there was a big lack of sushi on the market. Doing sushi at an affordable price was the strategy of Bite Me Co. Ltd.

Since the end of 2014, they opened a restaurant at College lane, Curepipe Home delivery, and online ordering has been established since the beginning; in the year 2013.
As the 2013 JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur Award, Winner this initiative of JCI Mauritius has helped me in networking and get to know people in business. Bite Me Co. Ltd has also benefited from very good media coverage.”

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