Frequently Asked Questions

What is CYE?

The JCI Mauritius Creative Young Entrepreneur (CYE) Program encourages, honors, and celebrates exceptional young people aged between 18 to 40 who innovatively and successfully planned, and implemented their entrepreneurial idea or concept.

Through this initiative, JCI Mauritius is keen to promote creative young entrepreneurs as enthusiastic individuals who took the opportunity to start a new business or have improved an existing one. Furthermore, this JCI Mauritius flagship program is a networking platform for entrepreneurs, partners, and the public.

Who can enter the competition?

In order to enter the competition the applicants should:

  1. Applications are reserved for residents of the Republic of Mauritius aged between 18 to 40 years old.
  2. JCI members who are not part of the 2023 JCI Mauritius CYE organizing team can participate.
  3. Businesses must already be active (Minimum 3 months) either a new business or has improved an existing one.
  4. Past CYE participants can apply excluding winners.
  5. Do we Participate in groups or solo?
    Group or solo having a registered running business with a minimum of 3 months

Do we participate in groups or solo?

  1. Group or solo having a registered running business for 3 months.
  2. The competition is open to JCI members and non-members.
  3. Businesses must be already in business for 2 years. A strong business plan, presentation, and ability to speak about your business goals in an articulate and numerate manner are important.
  4. Applications are reserved for individuals aged 18-40 years.
  5. Target business schools and/or start-up incubators across Mauritius/Rodrigues.

What documents do I need to register?

For a company :

  1. Please provide a Copy of your National ID/Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of BRN.

For an individual

  1. Please provide a Copy of your National ID/Birth Certificate
  2. Proof of BRN.

Can I enter the competition for a second time?

Past CYE participants can apply excluding winners.

What are the winning criteria?

  1. Upload a detailed business plan for the project, including market analysis, strategic and financial market analysis, and strategic and financial information.
  2. Attach a good quality (300 dpi) head and shoulders photograph in JPEG OR PNG format.
  3. Participants must provide a strong business plan, with realistic budget figures and other supporting evidence.
  4. In case participants are selected for an interview, they need to have the ability to present and speak about their business goals in an articulated manner.
  5. Must comply with rules and regulations and criteria and submit all documents before the deadline.

How can I compete in the CYE pitch contest and still protect my business idea?

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to present their ideas in a manner that allows the panel of judges to make the final decision. However, entrepreneurs are advised to present discreetly any sensitive information that details processes, formulae, or ingredients. Entrepreneurs may highlight these in general terms e.g. “…My venture runs an innovative process to achieve energy efficiency which developed and has been testing over 2 years.

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